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    Commercial Cooler Maintenance

    A walk-in cooler and freezer maintenance is an essential part of many restaurants and convenience stores. As a large energy user, it is rarely considered until problems emerge, and can result in expensive losses to the products stored within the cooler. Unnecessary high energy use can also be avoided by observing your units, and taking

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    What is a clean and check?

    What is a clean & check? Commercial properties need to be ready for the summer heat load. Scheduling a clean & check on your air conditioning unit can help catch possible break-downs before they happen. An EPA certified and trained technician will clean the condensing unit coils by hosing them off, and using a special

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    Evaporator? What?

    Evaporator? What? Evaporators are an essential part of a walk-in cooler, or freezer. As air passes over the cooling coils moisture builds up and freezes. Each evaporator has a defrost cycle to melt frost/ice that has built up on the coils. Water from this melted ice is drained … usually. If not, then a block

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