We at Bush Refrigeration have been servicing customers in the Alton – Godfrey area for over 20 years, and we’d like to add your name to our list of satisfied customers. We are specialists of commercial refrigeration and residential heating and cooling.

Bush Refrigeration was founded in 1988, by Terry and Joellen Bush.  They began their venture, 30 years ago, with one strategy in mind; consistently provide a quality service, at a great value.  Within 8 years they had outgrown the confinements of operating out of their house and decided it was time to expand their operation.  In 1996, they invested in a property at 4539 North Alby, in Alton Illinois. They were clearly on to something with their strategy, as they continued to grow over the years, picking up accounts as big as grocery stores and as small as residential heating and cooling.  

Unfortunately, in 2007, Terry passed away unexpectedly.  Joellen continued to successfully operate the business as the sole owner from 2007 to 2009; when Mike and Karen Edwards, Owners of King Air Conditioning and Heating, purchased the business, this purchase brought together two local family owned businesses.   The decision was made to keep the companies separate from each other, and Joellen stayed on as office manager of Bush Refrigeration on Alby Road.

In 2015, opportunity struck once again, and Mike and Karen Edwards purchased a larger location off of Ingham Ln in Godfrey, Illinois.  The decision to move was reinforced by the idea of bringing Bush Refrigeration and King Air Conditioning and Heating under one roof, that was nearly three years ago now, and it is safe to say that we are pleased with the extra space.  

30 years passed and a handful of locations later, Bush Refrigeration still has the same strategy Terry and Joellen began the company with; To consistently provide a quality service at a great value.  Bush Refrigeration has narrowed its focus to include: Commercial Refrigeration, Commercial HVAC, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, and Home Stand by Generators. Bush Refrigeration has revamped its Commercial Maintenance Program, and now specializes in customized maintenance programs which focus on each specifics customer’s needs.  We understand the difficulties in operating a business, as well the unforeseen, unexpected cause of these difficulties, such as untimely breakdowns of mechanical equipment. We believe we are in a unique position to help companies avoid these unexpected costs and insure that their mechanical equipment is up to snuff, for the difficult times of the year, and running as efficiently as possible. So, while we may not be able to help with your taxes, financial decisions, or operational procedures; I can assure you we are the answer for your commercial mechanical HVACR needs, if you operate a business, restaurant, bar, nursing home, grocery store, market etc., in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area .  

We provide service, sale and installation on all makes of equipment. We are now licensed in Missouri – License #MCC-X0370. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.


  • We have outstanding customer service
  • We are a friendly, helpful and professional
  • Our technicians are experts on a wide range of commercial equipment
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service
  • We offer financing

Hot or cold we’re always on the go!

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